We Do Things Differently

At Get a Grip, we don’t believe in treating bikes like just another piece of machinery. We believe that in order to get the most of your ride, you truly need to treat it as a literal extension of your body.  Due to the subtle, and sometimes drastic, differences in human physiology, simply picking a bike off a rack and riding it that way is never optimal. Bodies are amazingly adaptable, even to less than perfect movement patterns. That’s why we feel that custom fitting a bike, specifically for your body, your riding style and your individual goals, is paramount to creating the best riding experience possible. Whether it’s making adjustments to a bike you already own, altering a stock bike with the proper parts, or building a completely new one-of-a-kind machine from scratch, our goal is to find you your perfect match. To do this, we’ve built a three-step process that helps us create the perfect bike, just for you.


One on One Interview 

Everyone rides for different reasons, and we fully support that. In fact, you’ll see a little bit of it all from our team. From competitive riders, to commuters, triathletes and the weekend warriors, the variety of reasons to get out and ride are the reason we love this sport.

That’s why we start with a one-on-one interview, not only to understand why you ride, but how often you ride, what goals you have and what issues you might have while cycling. We will learn as much about your individual situation as possible. In this way we can tailor a solution for you based on our years of experience and constantly evolving technique.

Physical Assessment

This portion of our process is the one that not only sets us apart from our competition, but is what we believe is the most important. Whether we like it or not, the vast majority of us are not Olympians, and we don’t have freakish physical attributes. We have deficiencies in our flexibility, our mobility and our strength that we have to account for in order to maximize our performance.

By understanding your individual body, what its strengths are and where its weaknesses lie, we are able to use that information to create the parameters needed to create your one-of-a-kind machine. And trust us, we have plenty of issues too, so don’t worry, we won’t judge.



Bike Fitting

The fun starts as we begin to analyze your body while in motion on our size cycle. This is where we begin to combine our learnings from the first two steps, making adjustments for your specific body type and limitations. We utilize Dartfish Motion Capture and Computrainer Spinscan technology to analyze your riding and pedaling style and illustrate positive biomechanical changes.

Part of this step for us is adjusting the bike components for you to create the best cycling experience, but even more so, we use this opportunity to coach you on how to be the best rider you can be. Our years of experience in combining incredible technology with the best technique is sure to forever alter the way you ride. After all is said and done, we have the complete package of information we need to begin crafting YOUR bike.

After taking all three steps into account, we will then present you with our recommendations, and work to build the bike that not only works for you based on our assessment, but also within your budget. This could mean altering a bike you already own, making modifications to a stock bike, or custom building a completely new one from scratch: we strive to deliver the best possible solution, FOR YOU. Once we reach a decision, we’ll place the order and begin assembling your newly created (or upgraded) machine. When it’s ready, we’ll bring you in to go over all the details before sending you on your merry way! In the future, if your geared beauty needs any tweaks or you would like us to reassess at any point based on adaptation and changes in riding style or fitness, we are always here for you! We like to think of riding as a process, and your new bike is truly just the beginning. Happy riding!

A complete Cycling Analysis session for an existing bicycle is $325 for the initial service and 1 -2 follow up sessions within a calendar year. This service is included in a bicycle or custom frame purchase from us.

Already been fitted by us in years past? Are you happy with your current set up, but looking for an update to account for changes in fitness, components or simply a second opinion? We have a $95/1 hour on-bike assessment available as well.